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Family Farm Business

Our family farm began with a desire to raise healthy beef for our family and friends that does not come from a factory farm. This desire turned into a reality in 2019 when Watson Family Farms was established in Boone County Missouri. Our mission is to raise our cattle on green pastures with no hormones or steroids. We keep them in a low stress environment where they are free to roam and graze. When fed with grain, our cattle receive a custom made, high protein ration that provides them with high levels of energy and helps maintain their health and body weight. Our mission provides our family and friends the healthiest, highest quality beef right to your table. 



The cattle we raise start with Merideth Land and Cattle in Fayette, Missouri.




Dr. Reuben Merideth, Rusty and Wanda Merideth start with the best purebred shorthorn cattle. By using superior genetics they develop superior beef cattle. 


Once raised to age the cattle come to our pastures in Boone County. There they will spend their days on 265 acres of herbicide and pesticide free pastures.  Cattle are moved from pasture to pasture to give the land time to rest and keep our cattle on the highest quality grasses.  



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